Does Justin Bieber really Miss Selena Gomez And Want To See Her at Met Gala

Rumor has it that Justin Bieber really misses Selena Gomez! So much so that he would totally attend the Met Gala tomorrow with her! But is Gomez going to ask him to join her as her date or not?


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Despite the fact that the two singers have been on a break for a while now and it’s unclear if they will even end up reuniting, it looks like Justin Bieber still cares about Selena a lot.

Lately, he reportedly thinks of opportunities to see her once again and one is the upcoming Met Gala.

One insider told us that he would love if she asked him to be by her side at the event and that he would not hesitate to say yes.

‘If Selena reached out to him and asked him to attend the Met Gala with her he’d accept in a heartbeat. Justin Bieber misses Selena Gomez so much it is unreal, but he is forcing himself to give her the space she requested, and not to contact her. In his heart of hearts, however, Justin believes they’re not done, he is convinced they’ll get back together again, and that they are soulmates who are destined to be together forever.’


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The source went on to stress that even if Bieber has been hanging out with other females since the breakup, ‘he cannot imagine ever feeling this much love for anyone else, and he knows Selena feels the same, he thinks it is just a matter of time until she is ready to come back to him again.’

Meanwhile, previous reports have been suggesting that he is right – she misses him a lot as well and he’s always on her mind.

Still, for now, she really wants to just focus on herself and on her career.

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