Purple potatoes help prevent colon cancer

A recent study has shown that a diet consisting of purple potatoes and other colourful fruits and vegetables may lower the risk of colon cancer and inflammatory bowel diseases.

Purple potato contains bioactive compounds like anthocyanins and phenolic acids that have been linked with cancer prevention.


Understanding how these compounds work at a molecular level could be the first step towards finding the treatment for cancer.

Purple potatoes can help prevent chronic diseases like colon cancer. The findings published in the Journal Of Nutritional Biochemistry, show that eating whole foods that contain macronutrients helps reduce the risk of colon cancer that humans need in large amounts.


These findings suggest that cultures with plant-based diets tend to have lower colon cancer rates than cultures with meat-based diets.

Purple potatoes have a much greater concentration of these anti-inflammatory, antioxidant compounds that make it beneficial for treating colon cancer.

The researchers also concluded that instead of pills, taking fruits and vegetables that are rich in anti-inflammatory compounds will help in countering the growing problem of chronic diseases.

By: Sravia Sivaram
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