Boxing: injury and how to avoid injured

You have strength, you have courage, even you’re willing to get punched or get bleed.. don’t know how much can you risk but I bet no boxer want a bunch of injured. Even when you’re training, you still can get hurt. Now I want to discuss with you in this topic: boxing – injured and how to avoid injured. I will list some boxing equipment in details and how to use them in the right way.

Even the smallest injury, if you don't take care of it, will greatly affect your training
Even the smallest injury, if you don’t take care of it, will greatly affect your training

First, is protect equipment. While training, body gets a lot of pain, and that equipment will be so helpful. In boxing, not only hands but all of the body parts must be used. From top to bottom, from head to heel, working together, clearly, injury is unavoidable

The most common, the most you care, it is the hands. Required while training boxing with gloves reviews is using hand wraps. For a long time training boxing, having a muffle ache, especially the raised bones is very normal. This is direct contact point of the fist, scratch, heavily dislocated bone, it’s unavoidable. Bandages will help the hand is hugged, the joints of the palms of the hands, finger bones, wrists are tightened, minimize dislocations. Scratches, I’m sure it’s very commonly with many people, and I think with men, scratching on the skin is just not worth the work.

With professional boxers, the bandages are thickened with cotton pads, because their punch force is very powerful, causing pain in the hand or heavier dislocation of the finger or wrist. If you’re normally boxer, the bandage can be thin with 1.2m long is enough for your training. Note that while wrapping the bandages, squeeze it evenly over the hand, the leftover you should wrap it all down on your wrist, because it is the joint of the arm with the hand, the most hurtful if punched with the wrong technique. There is two type of people: wrap the wrist and wrap the finger. Two are same same but the “Wrap the finger” way need thinner and longer bandage to fit all the fingers, it looks even nicer, depends on your hobby and how your trainer’s methods.

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