Gareth Bale “glad” with case Wales have more pride than Euro 2016 rivals England

Gareth Bale remains by his remarks that Wales have more energy and pride than Euro 2016 Group B adversaries England.

In front of his side’s opener against Slovakia, Bale said Wales had more pride and energy than England.

That incited a response from England manager Roy Hodgson, who called Bale’s comments “insolent”.


Midfielder Jack Wilshere then told journalists on Monday Wales disliked England, including he had never scrutinized the energy of any of his buddies.

“It’s great that they bit,” Bale said with a smile at Wales’ question and answer session in Dinard.

“I never said that they didn’t have enthusiasm or pride. I simply feel as I would like to think that we have progressively and I’m certain they have the sentiment that they have all the more moreover.


“Individuals clearly get a kick out of the chance to take things outside of any relevant connection to the issue at hand a bit. I’m content with my remarks and I feel we have a huge cooperation – most likely the best I have found in groups.

“Whether it’s rugby or football, whatever the game in Wales we simply appear to have that next level. You truly feel it on the pitch, watching the amusements and I’m simply giving my assessment.”

Chris Coleman’s side sit top of Group B subsequent to beating Slovakia 2-1, while England were denied triumph in their opener in the wake of yielding an additional time equalizer against Russia in Marseille on Saturday night.

Furthermore, Bale says he has seen chinks in England’s defensive layer, demanding Wales are prepared to “adventure those shortcomings” when the two sides meet in Lens on Thursday.

“We know they [England] have qualities. They are a decent group. We know every little thing about them,” he said.


“A considerable measure of the players now play week-in week-out against them so we know they are a decent group however we likewise know they have shortcomings. Clearly we are not going to let you know them right now however we’ll get our work done and be hoping to misuse those shortcomings.

“The primary concern for us is to appreciate it. We know we’ll give everything.”

Of the 11 objectives Chris Coleman’s squad scored in the Euro 2016 qualifying effort, Bale netted seven and made two. He likewise scored Wales’ opener against Slovakia on Saturday.

In any case, he said Wales’ group ethic, not his own execution, is the only thing that is in any way important in an amusement he portrays as a derby.

Bunch included he would do whatever Coleman asked him to – regardless of the possibility that it implies taking corners like England striker Harry Kane has shockingly been accomplishing for his nation.

“In the event that the director requests that I take a corner, I’ll take a corner. Be that as it may, I’m not very worried about England. This is about Wales,” he said.

“I’m completely for the group. In the event that I need to do additional running for a buddy, I’ll do it. On the off chance that I don’t get a kick to make space for a partner, I’ll do that too. It’s about the group, not me, and for us and we’ll simply continue buckling down for each other, continue assembling in exhibitions and winning as a group.”

Asked what number of England players would get into the Welsh group, Bale grinned and answered: “None.”


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