The most impressive Christmas in the World

Christmas is coming very close. People around the world are eagerly waiting for this day. We will review the impressive records by Christmas eve.

  1. Unique Christmas

One of the most unique events to welcome Christmas took place at the National Marine Conservation Key in Florida, USA in 2014. In the traditional clothes with a red hat and white beard, Santa Claus has taken Christmas joyful atmosphere to the creatures living beneath the ocean by a tree model. Christmas tree is located in coral reefs Davis, where marinelifes can watch. This event provides an opportunity for the visitors to donate funds for children when you want to take photos with Santa Claus in the sea.


2. The greatest Santa Collection

The largest Santa Claus Collection belongs to Jean-Guy Laquerre coming from Quebec, Canada. From was a child, Laquerre has special fascination with Santa Claus. He started collecting since 1988. Until now, his collection of up to 25.189 items from 33 different countries. This record has been recognized as the greatest collection by Guinness.


3. Christmas lights achieve world’s record


Petrie Plaza Shopping Centre in Canberra in the Australian is recorded by Guinness for the most  illuminated LEDs in the world. With a total length of 120km, nearly 1.2 million LEDs are lit. This is the achievement of lawyer David Richards and a group of volunteers in 2014. The purpose of the project to raise funds to support charities Kid Act.

4. The most impressive Christmas house


Visit the city Calle in Germany at Christmas, visitors will be directed to admire the unique “Christmas house”. The house’s owner is Rolf Vogt family – a resident of the city of Calle. Mr. Rolf Vogt said: “The idea of decorating the Christmas house appeared in 1999 after a trip to America. Meanwhile, I and son walked along the streets and see the houses decorated with sparkling lights. From there, I came up with the decoration of my house”. Currently, the number of lights to decorate “Christmas House” in Germany has more than 400,000 lamps./.

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